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"Props – anything an actor touches or is important to the story – from a leash to a gun to a piece of chalk – are what makes a film more interesting. Making sure they are all there and functioning properly is only part of the job."


Mary Props


• Prop Master
• Food Stylist
• Set Design
• Art Department
• Camera Operator

Los Angeles and surrounding Counties


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Props are my passion because I love the art of it. First I think about how I can take this thing, be it a tomato or a car, and make it perfect for the story.

Finding it all for the best price, getting it there, then making sure it does what its supposed to- and then making it look good is just the beginning. I stay on set and reset everything to where it was at the beginning of the shot, and with multiple takes, sometimes I’m repairing, cleaning, loading and generally fixing whatever it is over and over.

Because I am diligent about each prop I have a good reputation with prop houses and producers who have seen me stick to low budgets. Being inventive and crafty helps, but my sense of humor shows in my work and is what makes me different.



Below are some of my recent projects..



"The Under Shepherd" -Prop Master



"H.O.G.'s Tooth" -Prop Master


"Awakening Arthur" -Prop Master


"Always Hope" -Producer (and I'm in it)

"Joslyn Gets Blindsided" -Art Director/Props

"Visible Scars" -Art Director/Prop Master


"Visible Scars" Trailer #2 -Art Director/Prop Master


"Pizza Man" -Prop Master

Mary Props bandaging Diamon Dallas Page on the set of Pizza Man

This is a picture of me bandaging the bad guy Diamond Dallas Page ( WWF Champion)
in the movie "Pizza Man" which starred Frankie Muniz -Prop Master

Mary with her picture car in Pizza Man

Here I am with Frankie Muniz and the picture car that I rigged in the movie "Pizza Man"




The Hunger Games -Art Director/Prop Master


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